Before you look at our pricing, we want to be sure we are a good fit.

Because there is hundreds and hundreds of photographers you can choose from in the valley you have a few phenomenal photographers who usually have expensive packages.

you have experienced photography businesses who charge very little not really concerned about quality just getting the event.

You have alot of amateur photographers that have never shot a wedding let alone an event.

So while we don’t have the most expensive pricing, we are not amateurs. we have a multitude of weddings, usually being shot under other names not as “YESHUA PHOTOGRAPHY”

Which is normal in our industry as photographers, we only show photos shot as “YESHUA PHOTOGRAPHY”. The reason for a smaller gallery.

However if there was a look you were going for let us know! beautiful photos we can guarantee you!

So before you look at prices how about looking at some of our photos or asking about about an example of work presented to past clients?





Is there any potential fees?

So the only type of fees that can occur are gas fees. however that only applies when the commute to and from your wedding is more then 10 miles from the Mcallen international airport.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes, we do.

How would we recieve our photos?

You would get an online photo gallery showcasing your photos, in which you can also order prints if you wish!

Do you offer 1 photographer and 1 videographer?

Short answer, yes but we Don’t like too.

Long Answer, We believe in the idea of giving you an excellent product. Truthfully, many other photography, media, photo & video Businesses, offer this as a “budget friendly” option.

We mainly offer it as 2 photographers and 1 videographer.

Despite videography being quite similar to photography, it does require different equipment. Different processes, it is a specialized craft just like photography. however in good will we won’t offer this as a package.

*Professional advice* If you see a business offering photo & video combined for less then $1000. Really question yourself do you want to take a risk, that some one will give you a cheap, no effort product?

It’s your money if you want to risk it with amateurs or con-men that’s on you.

What are retouched Photos?

Retouched photos is essentially where we alter exposure, color, contrast, composition, Sharpness, White balance, photo noise.

Truthfully we retouch every photo delivered additional retouches in each package is meant in case you wanted a different style for specific photos, or you simply did not like how certain photos looked in the style you picked.

What style are all photos normally retouched in?

Naturally vibrant is the color style we mainly retouch photos in.

which is a Sharp clean photo with slightly saturated colors.